Word / Source count requirement: There are no stated requirements. You want to be thorough, robust, and in-depth on the assignments versus trying fit it into a page count / source count requirement.

You will need to use cited support in this assignment. Some of the questions (Qs 1, 2, and 4 at minimum) necessitate cited support for you to adequately answer the question.
Remember to focus on answering the five questions. The primary purpose of this assignment is for you to demonstrate understanding of the Case Study design

Case Study Assignment Instructions

Each qualitative design is slightly different from the others; these differences are important for researchers to consider when selecting a design that is most appropriate for exploring their research problem. After reviewing the Reading & Study material for the module, address the following paper in current APA format:

1. Provide a description of the case study design and when it is appropriate to use this design.

2. Describe 2 problems or challenges you might encounter when using this design.

3. Provide a problem statement pertaining to doctoral persistence of business students.

4. Craft 2 qualitative research questions that appropriate for case study design.

5. Compose a purpose statement to address one of these research questions that aligns with a case study design.


Creswell and Poth (2018) Chapter 4: Five Qualitative Approaches to Inquiry

Creswell and Poth (2018) Chapter 5: Five Different Qualitative Studies

Yin (2018) Chapter 1: Getting Started: How to Know Whether and When to Use the Case Study as a Research Method

Yin (2018) Chapter 2: Designing Case Studies: Identifying Your Case(s) and Establishing the Logic of Your Case Study

Yin (2018) Chapter 3: Preparing to Collect Case Study Evidence: What you Need to Do Before Starting to Collect Case Study Data