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At, every client is unique and is held in the highest regards possible. We owe our success to your success and that is why we do all our to satisfy you 100%.

As our esteemed customer, we are committed to you and we promise to do our best to give you not only the best experience possible, but also the highest grade obtainable for a specific online class, exam, or homework.

Grade / Score Refund Policy

We guarantee you a minimum score of 80% for all exams, classes, or tests done solely by us. If that doesn’t happen, the following applies:

Grade Scenario Refund Policy
80% and above  No Refund
70% to 79% 10% Refund
60% to 69% 50% Refund
59% and below 100% Refund

All refund requests must be accompanied by real proof. Failure to provide admissible proof, NO refund will be issued.

Other Scenarios

  • If the customer cancels the order once an expert has been assigned, he/she will only be eligible for 50% refund.

Refunds will be issued in 7 business days starting from the day the request was made. If you are not sure about any of these statements kindly use the chat to contact us for clarification.

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